Woman Wild

Woman Wild

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2019, the year of The Woman on Fire is heating up! At S Factor this May, let’s get WILD.

What is a woman wild?

She is tapped into her animal body. She listens and responds to her body’s instincts, impulses and desires. She is primal, alive and magnetic. 

Sometimes we forget that humans are animals too. What kind of animal are you?

Do you… Fly? Slither? Gallop? Glide? Crawl? Strut? Growl? Purr? Whisper? Roar?

Animal Body Reading:

Your body is alive. She is an animal. She moves and speaks in her own language. Get to know this animal intimately, love this animal and you will activate the primal magnetism that is within you. Text five close friends right now and ask them which animal your body language reminds them of most. You might not love every answer, but every answer is an important reflection of truth for you to own!

Women deserve to live fully, freely and completely in our animal bodies. Spread the word to all the women you love; “You are wild, sexy and free!”

As you become wild and free, we all become wild and free.

XO S Factor