Woman Ravished

Woman Ravished

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Verdant spring is peaking in 2019, the year of The Woman on Fire! During this fertile time, life is multiplying and magnifying all around us. Have you created a fertile place in your life for love? S Factor is devoting June to the woman ravished.

What is a woman ravished?

She radiates and calls for the love she desires on the deepest level. She creates space for and invites in passion, romance and desire – with herself or another. She is open to receiving this love when it arrives. She ravishes and she surrenders to love. Your Personal Erotica:

How do you want to be ravished? How do you desire to be taken by love? How do you desire to take love? Write your ideal love-making scene. Include body oriented details like sights, sounds, scents, textures, emotions… What is your personal dream-erotica story? When you know how you want to be loved in intimate detail, you are better able to ask for exactly what you desire with your body and voice.

Women deserve passion, romance and love. Women deserve to ravish and to be ravished by love. Inspire the women in your life to let love in by sharing your deepest desires in love.

As you open to love, we all open to love.

XO S Factor