Woman Ignited

Woman Ignited

Woman Ignited 380 552 Alicia Quintana De La O

What is a woman ignited? 

A woman ignited lives in a world of lust and longing. She is passionate and powerful – she speaks her truth. She fans the flames of her desires, daring them to burn brighter and bigger. And then she calls forth all that she yearns for, circling her way closer to her dreams, devouring everything in her path. 

What do you yearn for? What makes your soul smolder and sizzle? Dare to dream bigger – your desire lives in this body, right here, right now. How can S Factor help you to ignite your desires and fan their flames?… 

Hover Touch to Ignite Body Desire: 

Using both hands, begin to explore “Hovering Touch”. By hovering your hands over your skin, you can create a charge between your hands and body. Feel the heat of your hovering hands and notice the building desire for your own touch. Start at your wrists – hover your fingertips over your skin gently and slowly – and then go all the way up your arms, over your chest, across your belly, and down your legs. Close your eyes and keep going until you have explored your entire body. As you move, ask your beautiful body a question; what touch do I most desire? And how can I turn the heat up even more?

You’ll be surprised just how hot the flames of your desire can become… and all you need is yourself, your hands, and your body to kindle your desires and keep your fire ablaze.

When you ignite yourself you inadvertently ignite a flame in others. Give yourself – and all the women in your life – permission to be outrageously hot and let’s light up the world, one woman at a time. 

XO S Factor