Woman Awakened

Woman Awakened

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2019, the year of The Woman on Fire is officially underway. As spring begins to unthaw and awaken the world around us, are you too awakening?

What is a woman awakened?

A woman awakened does not turn away. She opens her eyes to the raw truth; the hard truths and the beautiful truths, in herself and in the world around her. She is present and embodied. She talks and walks her truth.

Do you walk your truth? Walking your truth means knowing who you are and being who you are. Your body is the key; when you embody, you awaken to the truth within. You begin to live the truth within. How can S Factor awaken YOU? Two words:

Brain Immersion.

Brain Immersion is an 8 step technique that teaches the embodied state of body-led movement by training your mind to serve your body. This month we want to share the first step: Breath.

Let’s do an exercise together right now: let your lungs empty naturally. Don’t push the air out, just notice when you are at the bottom of your breath, when your body is ready to inhale again. Pause here before you inhale. Can you feel your body’s primal need to inhale? Your body will breathe in again whether your mind tells her to or not. This is the first step of body-led movement: awareness of the organic rhythm of your body. The body leads the mind – everything you do should follow the rhythm of your breath (not the other way around).

Women deserve to be fully embodied. Women deserve to take up space. Spread the word to all the women you love; “Inhale, exhale…”

As you awaken, we all awaken.

XO S Factor