“Every woman has an innate erotic essence that must be nourished, honored and expressed so that she may be truly free in her magical feminine body.”

– Sheila Kelley

About Sheila Kelley

S Factor® creator and founder Sheila Kelley created a new school of movement many now call Sensual Fitness. Her own soulful journey, which began as an actress researching a role as an exotic dancer, soon became a passionate and scientific study of the feminine body, soul and purpose. Sheila has been featured on TedX, Oprah, is a regular speaker on stages across the world, including Tony Robbins retreats and Mama Gena events. At Tony Robbins retreats she is the go-to authority for feminine empowerment, healing and discovery. Her authority on the feminine is cited in numerous news publications for its groundbreaking understanding of how the feminine best expresses itself, and her impact on women across the globe.

Sheila was one of the first fitness founders to create a vocabulary around an erotic, sensual world that was previously off limits. Sheila combined her classic dance background with exotic movement, physiological study and core athletic principles to create what would become S Factor.

Her experimentation and study of movement revealed a deep connection between female physiology and empowerment. Moving, stretching and strengthening the body in ways that are tailored specifically to female landscape has been life-changing for thousands of women. The practice is designed to open the feminine body and allow the mind to surrender – giving women the opportunity to see a core aspect to their nature previously buried in cultural and societal protocols.


“Not only did I transform my body as I created S, I also deepened my marriage and healed my soul.”

– Sheila Kelley