Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your feminine body with Sheila Kelley


Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your feminine body with Sheila Kelley

We are excited to return to live events in Winter 2021/2022! Sign up to be first on the list to register.


About Sheila Kelley Events

Destination S Factor events with Sheila are the most potent transformational containers for any woman to begin or deepen your journey.

These powerful in-person experiences open a physical, emotional and spiritual pathway anchored in reclaiming the feminine body, mind, heart and soul. Emerge from each event reborn into your own skin, inspired to see the world and your relationships through the powerful lens of full feminine splendor and freedom.

Like rocket fuel for your everyday, emotional and sensual life, our immersive events tap you into the heart of the S community where you are witnessed and supported in your evolution. Join us, won’t you?

Sheila Kelley LIVE! is a wildly fun, incredibly powerful two-day experience that brings women together from all over the world to revel in rediscovering pleasure, play and confidence through movement. At this event you’ll meet the S Factor Erotic Creature Icons, enjoy powerful workshops and delve into the nuances and wisdom of being a woman in this world. Bring your girlfriends, daughters and moms, this event is not to be missed.

S Factor Events & Retreats for Women Empowerment

These four-day immersive retreats with Sheila Kelley and the S Factor Teacher Creatures are a deep dive into movement, sensuality, erotic enlivening and so much more. Retreats are for women who want to go deep while connecting to an incredibly diverse community of S women from all over the globe. Women are grouped by experience level, so everyone is welcome!

Tredici is a four-day retreat experience with Sheila and an intimate group of women. It is by far the crown jewel of the destination experiences, where you will journey into the depths of your own sensual identity and roadblocks to joy, in order to heal and awaken a dormant powerhouse within you. The bonds formed at these events are forever and your life will never be the same. These special retreats book up quickly and are offered a few times each year.


What S Women Say About Events

“My relationship with my body has been a long struggle that I don’t find to be a torture anymore. What I experienced [at S] was very profound.”
– Kary W. 

“This practice has created access to the level of confidence that has allowed me to cultivate a more deeply connected life, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”
– Patti G. 

“There was a lot of shame. I was just locked out of my body. I don’t know where she went. S Factor invited me to trust my body and reclaim my strength.”
– Patty A.