Hello, 2017. We are shedding New Year’s resolutions and instead choosing to embrace our fiercely feminine bodies just as we are. We are the women of S. Smashing the rules. Daring to be brilliant. Unapologetically honest.

Join us in your own truth below. We want to hear from you!

“Love yourself just as you are. You are beautiful and perfectly made.”Carolyn • 55
New York, NY

“Discovering my erotic creature has shifted my life in profound ways.”Brooke • 34
Lake Forest, CA

“Your feminine body is the most magical creature on the planet!”Michelle • 36
Brooklin, Ontario

“The bonds formed in this beautiful, strong community of women will last a lifetime.”Sheri • 54
Costa Mesa, CA

“I have learned to walk through the fear and come out the other side stronger.”Mary • 43
Costa Mesa, CA

“I have been cracked open and set free from deep within.”Liz • 56
Costa Mesa, CA

“One tiny brave step into my level one class changed me forever.”Sandra • 52
Costa Mesa, CA

“I feel how powerful it is to experience life through the body and heart versus the mind.”Rena • 39
Los Angeles, CA

“Every woman is sexy, feminine and beautiful. Be your own kind of beautiful.”Lara • 48
Woodland Hills, CA

“Honest movement is the most healing.”Lauren • 27
Los Angeles, CA

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“I’ve learned to trust my body’s strength. This affects my life on every level.”Jameelah
Los Angeles, CA

“I understand how to more fully experience sensual pleasure in my body.”Ali
Los Angeles, CA

“My body is a survivor, a warrior, a friend and we belong to each other.”Ashley • 35
Long Beach, CA

“I see the beauty and the story in every scar.”Lani • 39
Costa Mesa, CA

“When I access my body’s intelligence, all my dreams and desires are possible.”Amelia • 32
Los Angeles, CA

“I am confident. I am free.”Laurie
Vista, CA

“My S teacher gave me permission to celebrate my own body.”Jenn • 42
Huntington Beach, CA

“Many experiences have renewed my soul, but none quite so profoundly and tenderly as this.”Alma • 31
Buena Park, CA

“Where I thought I was beautiful before, now I know it to be true.”Anne Bodhi • 36
Costa Mesa, CA

“My incredible body feels deeply, acting as a compass guiding me through my life.”Ellice • 40
Santa Cruz, CA

“I am grateful to my curves and lines that give me a space to be me.”Amrit-Sadhana • 30
Portland, OR

“Everyone talks about ‘self love.’ No one has ever shown me how, until now.”Tasha • 38
Oxnard, CA

“It isn’t always easy to be vulnerable, but I’m giving myself the freedom to be.”Bernadette • 43
La Mirada, CA