Discover the powerful sensual movement practice intelligently designed with your body in mind.

Our dimly lit, mirrorless studios provide a safe and sacred space for every woman to embark on her own personal, erotic journey.


Introductory Teaser Class (Intro)

2 Hours • All Levels

This 2 hour class is the perfect way to get a sneak peek of our S Factor Original Journey Classes class.

This class consists of an abridged S Factor signature warm-up designed to give new students a taste of the S Factor movement. Students will also learn pole flow, the sexy S walk and a basic pole dancing trick. Students will be able to see their S Factor instructor demo a free pole dance fitness for beginners including movements and tricks from all Levels of the S Factor curriculum so you can see what’s possible by riding the S Factor Journey through Upper Levels. There will be a short Q&A and information regarding classes and memberships at the end of class. There is no pre-requisite for this class, no experience needed, all levels welcome!

Most Popular

2 Hours • All Levels

Intelligently designed to guide women through all signature S movements, languages and personal awakenings – and ultimately uncovering her Erotic Creature.

Our signature two-hour S Factor practice starts with Levels 1 & 2 (open to beginners) and advances toward Level 5+. Dive deep into your feminine body during our most popular class series, which begins with the S Factor Workout and moves through pole work, floor work, and striptease, and concludes with the S Routine or free dance. From beginning to end, this experience is an intuitive evolution of your erotic identity. Ask any S woman – you’ll find that this journey is indeed, endless. Pole Optional.

Beginner & All Levels

1.5 Hours • All Levels • Pole Optional

Dare to take up space! Here you’ll find total freedom to unleash your sexy with the guidance of your S Teacher.

From start to finish, this class is pure body bliss. After a warmup and workout, flow through the S Factor dance routine or free dance (intermediate/advanced) your way through scintillating music selections. We’ll use the whole room: floor, walls, pole and more – so you’re free to unapologetically express yourself.

1 Hour • All Levels • No Pole

Dance your way through an intuitive flow of body-challenging sequences exclusive to S Factor, no props needed.

What if you could move and sweat to a workout designed specifically for the female body? Welcome to Fluid Feminine Movement™! Strengthen and nurture the feminine form – no pole needed – in the class people rave about for weeks.

1.5 Hours • Levels 1-2 • Pole

The best way to get fluent in technical pole work! S Pole 1 is the entry point to S Factor’s pole technique enhancement series.

S Pole is a unique brand of athletic, technical pole exclusive to S Factor. Lessons emphasize right and left-handed pole grips, rotation balance, spinning and flying speed, standard inversions and dance flow. Begin with a specialized S Factor Workout focused on the shoulders and upper body. Low to medium intensity. 90 minutes.

1 Hour • All Levels • Pole Optional

Get ready to swirl and sweat during this essential one-hour S Factor class. All levels welcome.

Begin with our signature warm up and workout, then practice a selection of soulfully sexy S pole tricks and floor movements. End by rocking that radiant body and soul when we tie it all together into one moving sequence.


1.5 Hours • Levels 3-4 • Pole

The next step in advancing your pole work. S Pole 2 is the Intermediate Level of S Factor’s pole technique enhancement series.

Here, we emphasize spinning and flying speed control, seamless multiple pole trick combinations, spinning inversions, slow peeling in and out of inversions and dance flow. Basic inversion and pole climb ability recommended. Medium to high intensity. 90 minutes.


1.5 Hours • Levels 5-6 • Pole

Increase your fluency in technical pole work. This is the Advanced Level of S Factor’s pole technique enhancement series.

Lessons emphasize our newest and most advanced pole work technique and pole trick combinations with dance flow. This class also features exciting pole tricks designed exclusively for S Factor by 2013 International Pole Champion & 2011 US Pole Dance Federation National Champion, Natasha Wang. Begin with a specialized S Factor Workout focused on the shoulders and upper body. Basic inversion and pole climb ability recommended. High intensity. 90 minutes.