Own and operate your own S Factor studio.

Be Part of the Movement

Our ultimate mission is to create a global community of women empowered to be free and joyful in their bodies. Studio licensing is an incredible opportunity to join us in this mission and bring the daily practice of S Factor to women all over the world.

Connect Your Community

We’ve found great success in partnering with local operators who understand their market and have deep relationships throughout their city or region. Operators with an intimate understanding of and connection to their students forge incredible, unbreakable bonds and build long lasting businesses.

Practice Makes Perfect

S Factor studios thrive when the business owner has a deep knowledge of and appreciation for our philosophy and practice. Understanding your client and relating to her journey is fundamental to success. Bringing a safe, sacred studio space to women who also want to follow you and learn from you not only creates a profitable business but a rewarding role as a leader and teacher.

To inquire about studio licensing in your area, and get more information, please contact us below.

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