Is airfare and hotel included in the price?

Retreat participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including hotel, airfare and transportation. Discounted hotel group rates are provided.

Is airfare and hotel included in the price?2019-10-14T15:33:56-07:00

What should I bring?

A full packing list is provided to registered participants of each retreat based on the curriculum and events planned. Generally speaking, layers that delight [...]

What should I bring?2019-07-01T11:51:46-07:00

Is there free time during retreats?

While we try to build in some down time, our retreat schedules are usually pretty stacked from breakfast to dinner and beyond. Expect full [...]

Is there free time during retreats?2019-07-01T11:51:47-07:00

Is there stripping?

There is no nudity permitted at S Factor; however, some of our classes, including the Journey series, include instruction on peeling off layers of [...]

Is there stripping?2019-07-01T11:51:47-07:00

Do I have to learn the pole?

The pole is optional in many of our classes. We encourage you to go at your own pace and comfort level. The pole is [...]

Do I have to learn the pole?2019-07-01T11:51:47-07:00
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