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Woman Awakened 683 1024 Kelsey Bunce

Woman Awakened

What is a woman awakened? A woman awakened does not turn away. She opens her eyes to the raw truth; the hard truths and the beautiful truths, in herself and…

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Woman in Lust 1024 682 Kelsey Bunce

Woman in Lust

What is a woman in lust? 2019, the year of The Woman on Fire is officially underway. As you work towards your resolutions, are you remembering to make time for…

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2019: Woman on Fire 1024 683 Kelsey Bunce

2019: Woman on Fire

Set Your Soul on Fire.  As we say goodbye to 2018, The Year of the Feminine, we find ourselves stronger, more determined and resolved. We are ready to seize the…

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The Ice Queen: Healthy vs. Unhealthy 1024 682 Kelsey Bunce

The Ice Queen: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

The Healthy Ice Queen Proud, Elegant, Confident She is the quintessential sexual icon that everyone wants and no one can have. She exudes sexual confidence and superiority. Her standards are…

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The Lustful Lover: Healthy vs. Unhealthy 683 1024 Kelsey Bunce

The Lustful Lover: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

The Healthy Lustful Lover Sensual, Indulgent, Hedonistic The healthy Lustful Lover is pure sexual appetite. She seeks and finds pleasure and in the experience of everyday life – her thighs…

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