Dear Soulfully Sexy Women,

My mission with S Factor is to elevate ALL women's lives by helping them awaken the natural, feminine movement of their bodies. It seems simple…and yet women who radiate the flame of their S continue to stir up fear in other women. When an S woman lives fully in her natural curves, she unleashes a magnetic power that is arresting. This power can be intimidating or threatening to those who've yet to awaken to their own bodies. There are still far too many women who have yet to awaken to their own bodies. Who are shut down, burnt out and depleted. And these women are our new challenge.

If you haven't read the most recent S Magazine editorial Women Hating Women: A Recipe For Extinction, please take a moment and do so. I'm proud of this piece. But more importantly I'm moved by it. After reading it I ask that you send it to everyone you know. Share it in your Facebook status, Tweet it, post it, scream it, link it, dance it, whisper it, just make some kind of noise about it. This is how change is made in the world. Since the editorial came out I have received many emails from you telling me your own "Dani Stories," a time when another woman may have misunderstood your radiance as a threat, or a time when you felt another woman shut down on herself because she couldn't conceive of her own beauty. These emails from you have fired me up wilder than a blazing inferno of what-the-fuck-ness.

I so deeply want to change the world. I want to help change the face of women in the world. I want more than anything to live to see complete and total ownership of the feminine body come back into the hands of the women living within those bodies. To make these kinds of changes I need your voices. I need your passion. I need your wisdom.

What started 10 years ago as a little revolution of 60 women in my backyard is now a full blown coast-to-coast “we are going to change the world” movement with thousands of women who S. We are the revolution. We are women who are claiming ownership of our bodies with joy, strength and sexy passion. I need you to reach out into your world, to inspire all the women in your lives, be they friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances, to wake their S up!

My lone little voice can be rousing as I've talked and talked and talked about S on Oprah, Martha and whatever other news outlet or talk shows would have me, but thousands of voices together can be thunderous. Let's raise our voices together. Let's spread the movement further through the grass roots of our networks. S Factor is a movement that can enlighten all women. Let's extend our hands to those women who are shut down. Let's give a nudge to the women who are frozen within their bodies and need a thaw. Let's give these women the opportunity to rise up and be everything they've ever wanted to be, and express themselves in a way they haven't been able to. Let's reach out and wake them up. You can make a difference in the world. I invite you to join our mission to help us change the face of the world for women.

Get ready. In the next few days, you'll receive an email called “Wake the S Up” -- about elevating the S Factor movement through the end of 2011, into 2012 and beyond.

Watch for it…and get ready…the feminine is rising.

With a Big, Fat, Luscious Hug,


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