Do You Feel Called To Teach?

S Factor Teacher Training is a soul-inspiring program designed by Sheila Kelley to provide deeper knowledge of the feminine body and your sexy self. We welcome women who are interested in employment and licensing, as well as, those who are simply looking to enrich their personal movement journey.


Tiered S Factor Teacher Training includes three programs. Participants may combine all three programs at one time or take them individually at separate times. Each program builds upon the one before and each program is a prerequisite for the next.

Program 1) S Factor Foundation Training: Become a Tier 1 S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn the Movement Path curriculum for S Factor's Beginner Fluid Feminine Movement™ and S Core Pole Beginner Levels 1 - 3. ~ 10 Days

Program 2) S Factor Advanced Foundation Training: Become a Tier 2 S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn the complete Movement Path curriculum for S Factor's Advanced Fluid Feminine Movement™ and S Core Pole Advanced Levels 4 - 6. ~ 10 Days

Program 3) S Factor Journey Training: Become a full-fledged S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn S Factor's secret sauce - the Erotic Creature Path and Original Journey Class curriculum! ~ 10 Days


What Makes An Ideal Candidate?

Ideal qualities include but are not limited to:

• A wholesome, ‘everyday woman’ persona
• Physical endurance to train up to 8+ hours per day, 5+ days per week
• Comfort and ease speaking in front of groups
• Body and self-awareness
• Emotional maturity
• Self-development capacity (i.e.: open to constructive feedback and interest in personal growth)
• High level of professionalism
• Inspiring leadership skills
• A genuine interest in and desire to improve the lives of women
• Some experience with the S Factor movement and curriculum is recommended, though not required.


Graduates of this program are also eligible to become Licensed S Factor Instructors. Licensing is contingent on a signed agreement with candidates who live outside a 30-mile radius of established S Factor locations.



S Factor Classic Teacher Training Program: Learn S Factor's complete curriculum for our Core S: Original Journey Levels 1 - 3, and Advanced S: Original Journey Levels 4 - 6. Details and entry into this portion of the program are available by application, and a movement assessment is necessary.


Participation in S Factor Teacher Training does not guarantee employment with the company or any of its affiliates. At the successful completion of training, participants will receive a completion certificate. This certificate may be submitted to the Studio Director at the location of the graduate’s choice for employment consideration.

Upcoming Training Dates

Teaching positions may be available at all established locations. You are welcome to register for any training class at any location, and upon successful completion, apply for an open position in a different location.


2016 Training Dates Coming Soon!

Who Conducts S Factor Teacher Training?

The S Factor Teacher Training Program is conducted by highly skilled Teacher Trainers under the leadership of Ali Kozoll, Director of Teacher Training & Curriculum. Since 2005, Ali has worked closely with S Factor Founder and CEO, Sheila Kelley, to ensure the quality of the program matches the integrity of the S Factor brand.

How Do I Register For Teacher Training?

To request an application or any further inquiries, please email S Factor Teacher Training:

How can I request an instructor training in my area or at my facility?

We require a minimum of 24 instructors to provide offsite instructor training. If you are interested in requesting a training in your area, email us at with the following details:

  • Your name:
  • Size of Studio Space available for training:
  • Do you have poles? Or access to portable poles?
  • How many instructors can you confirm to attend?
  • What marketing will you provide to ensure our minimum attendance requirement is fulfilled?

Please submit all required information via email. If there is substantial demand in the area, or the facility can meet our minimum attendee standard, a member of our training team will contact you. We will not reply to incomplete inquiries.

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S Factor curriculum, movements and teaching methods are protected under Intellectual Property (IP protected) and can only be taught at an approved S Factor studio location or with valid Instructor License.

Thank you for your interest in S Factor Teacher Training!